ATP World Tour Final 2015 ( Special ) 2

Roger Federer Full Post-Match Analysis vs Djokovic

Interview and Analyzes special on ATP World Tour Final.

Roger End Nole. Ended 23-match winning streak in 2015 and 15-0 run at the ATP Finals. “Just handed him the win, especially in the second set.” – Novak Djokovic on postmacth.
“Why did he play that way? I’d like to give myself credit for that, quite honestly, yeah.” Federer said.”Well, he wasn’t as good as in the first set, But I feel, honestly, with the way he’s played this season, you still have to put him away. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not like he played terrible.”

Very interesting how Roger’s vision in this match . Glad to know what’s in his mind.

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