The Mighty Federer

There is no doubt Roger Federer is The King of tennis world. World number one longest in tennis history. Currently, Roger Federer is a living legend who continues to make history, “The Legend is Making”. We can see how beautiful and deliciously he made record by record.

“Just Federer on the track to break my record” by Pete Sampras


Everyone agrees that Roger Federer is the best ever player. All sports journalists, tennis legends, current players, the best coaches in the world all agree Roger Federer is The GOAT, “The Greatest of All Time”.

“I believe Roger is the best player to have ever played the game,” by Nick Bollettieri.

Consistency is a major factor why Roger Federer is so exist in the tennis world for 10 years. He has a record 17 Grand Slam titles.

“Federer’s ability to average two Grand Slam titles a year was phenomenally consistent and amazing,” by John McEnroe

No one stays on top forever, however.  This fase was very important to see how he will react when he starts losing regularly at major events — not reaching finals or semis major.  After loosing his number one ranking, many people don’t believe he can come back to number one ranking.

That’s not going to be easy for him. But, he seems to take great care of his body, the way he moves doesn’t put a lot of strain on the body so you would think he would be able to play at this top level a few more years.  And Now at 31 years old after win Wimbledon 2012 he comes back to number one.

Welcome back The Mighty Federer !
We are lucky to have you.

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