The First Time Meet after The First Time Out of Top 4

Roger Federer is in Mallorca to attend the inauguration ceremony of Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy.  This is the first time They meet after the first time out of top 4 since 2003.

This is more than Good Match for they are, and ofcourse also for the fans.

Thank you very much for your support at the official opening of my Academy. Today is an unforgettable day for me, my family and my team. You can not imagine how special is to have you here with us.
Roger, this reflects all the moments we had on court. Looking back at them I see all the great memories we shared in our career… TO BE CONTINUED

rafa-and-rog2Rafael Nadal presented a token of gratitude to Federer

They are having fun and respect each other.  Roger to Rafa:

I don’t know how my comeback is going to be, but I can be inspired by you. Because you have done it a million times. You are the one who influenced me the most. I had to reinvent many things in my game thanks to you.

rafa-and-rog4Have fun with the Kids in Academy

and Rafa say,

“Thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart to be here. You represent the values & example for kids at our Academy!”

Are you serious Roger?

“I have been pushing Rafa to initiate this Academy. I know where I will send my kids if they want to learn tennis.” 


“Rafa, after finishing your career, how much time you gonna spend here as a coach?” asked Journalis

“Coaching me, maybe.” said Roger.  Funny!?


At that moment Rafa also announced that to follow Roger to not complete this season.

It is no secret that I arrived to the Olympic Games short of preparation and not fully recovered, but the goal was to compete and win a medal for Spain. This forced recovery has caused me pain since then and now I am forced to stop and start preparing the 2017 season. I am very saddened for not being able to play next week in Basel since I have a great memory of the tournament and the final played against Roger Federer last year. I won’t be able to compete either in Paris-Bercy, where the crowds and the FFT staff have always treated me so well. Now it is time to rest and start preparing intensively the 2017 season.

and Roger say,

I knew that life can be nice without tennis, but I have a strong feeling that I can still achieve something more at the game.  2017 season? Hopman Cup, Australian Open, Dubai & Indian Wells are surely fixed. For other tournaments, I haven’t registered yet.  If the IPTL is tomorrow, I wouldn’t play. It all depends on how I feel when the time comes. But first, I need to spend more hours on the court.

So we wait for 2017.  Hope them back strongly.  See you guys in 2017.
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Photo from Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy

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