The Technique is not Fixed

Many players and coaches make big mistake or they don’t know how to learn techniques in tennis.

“One of the biggest myths and misconceptions in tennis is that if you perform the technique correctly, the ball will go in”.

This conception leads to the next one, “You did something technically wrong if you missed a shot, and their goal is to make sure what you did wrong and correct it. If they correct that technical mistake, the ball will go in next time.”

If you constantly, and, I might add, innocently, scold yourself for bad technique every time you miss, you are creating a mental buildup of failures. The dam you built is now grabbing and holding on to every failure that sweeps along its path. Trouble on the horizon! Failure stacks on top of failure; every time you make a mistake, a similar failure in your past is instantly recalled and combined with the new failure.  You think, “I just made that mistake and corrected the bad technique, but then I did the mistake again! What is wrong with me?”

This is obviously not a healthy mental situation. As the match goes on, you find yourself moving from one bad technique to another bad technique, only to fall behind. In allowing technique to dam up positive flow, you are sabotaging yourself and losing your mental equilibrium.  That is why the top priority in your mind should be maintaining a stable equilibrium, not maintaining technique.

Have an idol ( next post ) is my easy methode to learn techniques in tennis.  In this methode you will know tennis form term.  That we must have a good form for a good technique.  Or we can see my Picture Perfect’s methode for analysis a technique.

A perfect tennis form happens in perfect conditions.

Misconception of us, we equate form with techniques.  Techniques in tennis is very relative and situational.  For profesional players, we can’t say they missed a shot because of  technical factors ( form ), may be because their techniques can’t adapt the situational conditions.

Roger Federer’s forehand technique adapts to the situation. What are the commonalities then?

In our definition, good techniques is about speed of racket head any time, any situationals you hit the ball.

More controll of racket head speed , more profesional they are,  more better techniques they have.

When you as a player remove the barrier of technique, you will still have failures. But now you will have a more positive flow to your match play. Any failures will wash right over you, and you will find yourself instantly and positively thinking about the next point. And guess what? Technique will not prevail,  YOU WILL!

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