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The First Time Meet after The First Time Out of Top 4

Roger Federer is in Mallorca to attend the inauguration ceremony of Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy.  This is the first time They meet after the first time out of top 4 since 2003. This is more than Good Match for they

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ATP World Tour Final 2015 ( Special )

Rafael Nadal Full Post-Match Analysis vs Murray. Interview and Analyzes special on ATP World Tour Final. “What was Rafa said about his grip? And why his tactics very offensive now. ” Have fun and enjoy it! Page 2 Page 3

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Someone Like You

“In this game we need someone like Rafael Nadal to be World No.1. He puts such passion in his game in a way that never fails to excite me. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic sure have the talent, but Rafa

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