Roger: “It’s more on my racquet than on anybody else’s racquet.”

This season is not a good season for a legend, Roger Federer. Without a grandslam’s title, without a master’s title, and finish out of the Top 4 for the first time since 2002, still believes he’s in control of his destiny when he plays on surfaces other than clay.

“The French Open is always going to be hard as long as Rafa Nadal is around,” Roger Federer told BBC “But on the other surfaces, if I am playing well, it’s more on my racquet than on anybody else’s racquet.”

Federer, who had just parted company with coach Paul Annacone (he was still coached by the Swiss Davis Cup captain Severin Luthi), explain his relationship with the coach, and said that he was open to change.

“I am a very open person and I like to be criticized by my coach,” he said. “That’s what I expect from them-I do not want them to say ‘yes’ to me all the time and agree with everything I say. I want them to challenge me and tell the truth, otherwise what’s the point to hire someone?”

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