Rafael Nadal is not special: Uncle Toni

Rafa FO

When someone wins ninth Roland Garros title in 10 years, you certainly call him one of the best players ever. But, Toni Nadal insists his nephew Rafael Nadal is “not special.”

Speaking after the Spaniards victory over Novak Djokovic in the French Open final, Toni hailed Rafa to an extent that the latter is a good player, and nothing else.

“What Rafael has done, I’m sure that another one can do the same,” Irish Times quoted Toni as saying. “Rafael is not special. Another guy can do the same, but it’s not easy.

“Because nine years winning a difficult tournament like this is very tough. It’s difficult to win one; to win nine in 10 years is unbelievable.

“He’s not special; he’s a very good player I think, but not more than this.”


by Vishal Gajaria

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