No Pain, No Gain ( part1 )

Federer says about “Working Out”
Interview with Jim Courier

Q. Besides hitting a thousand tennis balls in practice, what do you do to keep yourself so aerobically fit?

ROGER FEDERER: I thought the beginning was extremely physical. I felt quickly the pulse was racing. It was a tough few rallies we had early on. I think it was key to stay with him there and even take control of the match.

Of course, I work extremely hard in the off‑season. I was joking a bit with Courier, but I do work hard. I do all kinds of stuff. I think that’s what’s nice about us tennis players. It’s not very sort of how you say always the same thing. It’s not just running and that’s it.

We do a lot of agility work, weights. You name it, you can combine it with tennis and conditioning. I do all sorts of different things, you know. So it’s worked out for me well over the years.

You know, I’m a strong believer that the tennis player needs to work on what he needs on the tennis court. Before maybe running sand dunes and stuff like this, it works for some players. But I believe you work on the court and it’s going to benefit your tennis more than running sand dunes.

Q. What has been the maximum number of hours in a gym in one day in your life?

ROGER FEDERER: I don’t know in a gym. Three hours maybe. Three hours in a gym. But then do tennis, as well, you know. Maybe on a tennis court four and a half hours in a row.

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