Nadaland Garros

The French Open, often referred to as Roland Garros.  Not many people really know. In 1891, the French Open started as the French national tournament and it was played on grass. Can you imagine this if French Open still being played on grass? Maybe Federer would has needed a whole new trophy case, and would has set bigger milestones with Grand Slam.
But it changed with red clay-court since 1921,  and be assured that the clay-court specialists have adore their advantage at French Open for many years.

Roland Garros will make your leg cramp when you hear the grunting, see the sliding and feel the passion of heart-felt won Slam. The no-tiebreaker in the fifth and third set of the men’s and women’s events, respectively, completes the tone for a dramatic and epic journey for whoever can master the fitness level, patience, and mental toughness it take to win.

Maybe Federer lucky had one Roland Garros’s trophy

“To win at roland garros” is a statement and thought of only rhetorical value. Roland Garros has made legends of tennis scratch their heads and end their careers in frustration when it comes to solutions for winning in Paris. Maybe Federer lucky had one Roland Garros’s trophy.  But It makes Federer taking down history as Greatest of All Time. Many people make statements that Federer couldn’t win Roland Garros if he met Nadal. Nadal had won 7 times Roland Garros and 5 times Federer lose to Nadal ( four at the Final ). Federer won Roland garros 2009 when Nadal lose to Robin Sonderling in the 4th round.  This was Nadal’s first and, thus far, only lose at the Roland Garros.

Nadaland Garros is the x-negatife factor for Federer

Nadal and Roland Garros are the perfect combination to win many Slam.  Nadal’s style of play fits perfectly with the red clay of Roland Garros.  And if this happen 5 times, we can say it Nadaland Garros is the x-negatife factor for Federer. I believe that Federer is still dreaming to beat Nadal at Roland Garros, especially in the Final.

 Who can stop the Bull from seeing Red?

Rafael Nadal, He is the best clay-courter of all time.  He is like the Bull on red clay.  That’s scary_much like how big his biceps are, how defined his leg are and the joke that his determination and desire to win is larger than both muscle groups combined.  And the Bull is not only bites his opponents but bites the trophy too.

Although lately Djokovic can beat Nadal on clay, Not in Garros, I expect to see the Bull Rafael Nadal take his 8th Roland Garros trophy as the sun sets on a Sunday in June in Paris 2013.

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