Looking for Motivation

If you are on the road, you should know the road to be taken ( Road of Improvement ). Many factors that we reached just in time aimed. Motivation becomes an important factor in achieving accuracy.
We’ve heard it all our life

” To be successful, you need motivation “.

We got the message from the mom, dad, family, friend and coach.

What is motivation? Everyone is talking about the motivation, many theories of motivation, and many ways to keep motivated.

” Have a plan – Have a visionary sense of direction – Establish deadlines ” and so forth.

But still not motivated.  Or not motivated anymore because losing the game. However, if you won you become more motivated. So be motivated to succeed?  Yes this is not wrong. This is the motivation you need when you are in the middle of the road. You know the path taken is correct.

Dreams are an early form of motivation. And perfection is the end of the dream that we want. So our form of motivation is the perfect dreams or sweet dreams.  But this is still not real. We need images or map of champions.

be Federer, could be your Perfect Image?

Like a child with a doll. He/She will eat, play, sleep and dream always with a doll beside her.

You have an idol is the fast way to be success.  I hope you will start to dream be your idol.

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