Long-Term Development of Tennis Player

In tennis so please be informed that the earlier someone learns tennis is getting better. Children can start from 5 years old. Based on our experience is very slow to be able to play tennis if you do not have good motoric/movement skill. Especially for those who never doing sports.  Fortunately, if you as a child was released for running, jumping, or throwing. Or as a child was introduced / taught some sport.  And train the children movement skill is important for agility and flexibility in moving. Movement skill development also accelerated the growth of the child’s body.

Many books, literature, and people talk about the development of a player. But it is very important that all of them have the same goal.  Important for parents and coaches that the kids will not only grow as a player but also they will grow and mature as a human being. The two sides are very important to be able to support each other.

All roads lead to Rome

Establishing and developing tennis players become a professional player should start from an early age. It requires several stages and training programs has been planned at each stage. Since it is known the term “Long-Term Development of Tennis Player”.

Scientific research has concluded that it takes eight to twelve years of training for a talented athlete to reach elite level.  This translates as slightly more than 3 hours of practice daily for ten years (Salmela,1998)

The importance of long-term athlete development and physical preparation in production elite tennis players should be place on the introduction and development of general athletic abilities of young tennis player before focussing on sport-specific capacities (Schonborn, 2001)

At the early training ages in tennis, the emphasis of training should be on the development and mastery of fundamental motor and perceptual motor such as running, throwing, hopping, bounding and skipping (Balyi and Hamilton,1999)

A review of the existing literatur has helped me to conclude that development of tennis player have four important variables that is Enviroment, Program, Time, and Talent.
Enviroment such as parents, friends, club or academy who support it.  They have to know exactly their jobs and function.
Program such as choosing the right coach. A good coach has good knowledges to plan training program, analyze weakness, better communication, have certificate from ITF, etc.
Time such as hard work with good intensity.  More practice the more wins to come.
Talent such as good instinct movement skill or have natural ability.  Have talent can speed development.  But we have just the raw talent.

Talent alone is not enough.

In long-term development the four variables support each other to create a synergy. The function of four variables have to get the optimum value of the goal.

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