About LTA

Welcome to Lembah Tennis Academy ( LTA )

We develop Tennis for Kids, Tennis for Fun, and Performance Tennis
Let’s join us to feel different atmosfer in play and learn tennis !

The Dream

After more than 10 years of running a private tennis and seen the training center or tennis clubs in nurturing and developing young talent we dreamed that talents need a different approach with structured programs seriously.

Nothing seems to be wrong.  Many training centers, clubs, coaches, and parents did everything to establish a tennis champion.  But when they fail, they do not know what to do next.  And that’s why they always fail.

The Spirit

A sporty and healthy environment is the foundation of our project. The Academy represents this spirit at all levels. This was my key to success in sports
 and accompanied me to this day as a human being.

Sporty ‘life’
Athletes learn the “life” of a person to know who has to go each day 
quite stubborn to its limits in order to succeed. This 
 needs a strong and stable environment that supports this approach 
 and helps to grow a personality and not a geek. Without personality sporting success is almost impossible.

Sporty ‘growing’
The Academy is the youth of today by dedicated professionals 
 and many like-minded peers are encouraged to move or better 
said infected. The “athletic growing up” is the focus – not just pure performance. Respectful treatment of the teammates is 
 encouraged daily by the spirit of the Academy.

Sporty ‘thought’
An environment that is sporty “thinks”, influenced and motivated his fellow 
 enormous. It is therefore most importance that parents, 
the Academy team and the members of the Adult Program 
as models occur. Way we are able to make a difference – and the movement is 

Our Team


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